Civic Addressing

Civic Addressing

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What is a Civic Address?

A civic address is an identification system using a consistent method to address a locate buildings. The three main components are the Civic Number, Street Name, and the community name or General Service Area (GSA).

All roadways are divided into intervals and civic numbers are assigned depending on where the driveway intersects the road. This system allows room for future development.

Assigning a Civic Number

New civic numbers are assigned during the building permit application process. Once a permit is issued, and generally after the first inspection, a civic number will be assigned.

When the number has been assigned, the Planning Department will mail a notice to the owner of the property indicating the civic number. At this time, the Planning Department will also fax a notice to 911 notifying them of the new civic address. Because of this step in the process, it is important that residents do not assign themselves a civic number. When this occurs, the Planning Department and 911 are not aware of the address if an emergency call is placed from that location.

Information on Using 911

When a call is placed to 911, the caller's phone number, civic address, and associated police, fire and ambulance emergency responders are listed on teh 911 screen (unless the call is made from a cell phone). Under this system, even if the caller cannot speak when calling 911, the 911 operator can still see the civic address and send emergency responders. 911 is also able to handle TDD calls from hearing impaired people.

The 911 centre does not dispatch emergency services, instead, the operator links the caller to the appropriate dispatch agency who will dispatch the required services.

To make sure you can be found in an emergency, please post your civic number where it can be seen clearly from the road, day or night.