Fire Department

The Windsor Fire Department (WFD) can be best described as two fire departments within one.  The Town of Windsor has had its own fire department since 1881.  In 1951, the Fire Department's Trustees, on behalf of the membership of the department began contracting fire protection services to designated areas within the neighbouring Municipality of the District of West Hants.  The contractual agreement is currently administered by the Fire Department Executive and is separate from the fire protection responsibilities of the Town of Windsor.

The Fire Department operates a total of eleven pieces of apparatus, one boat and a Fire Safety Trailer, out of two stations.  The personnel roster consists of a career Fire Chief and a Vehicle and Facility Maintenance Technician, approximately 72 volunteer firefighters, an active group of Veteran Firefighters and an Auxiliary group, for a total organizational strength of approximately 150 people.  The firefighters respond on a 24/7 basis and are trained to deal with both urban, rural and wildland fire and emergency situations, heavy rescue operations for motor vehicle collisions, etc., hazardous materials incidents, medical emergencies, and, ice and water emergencies.  WFD is relied upon very heavily by neighbouring departments for their mutual aid contributions.

The economy of scale from joint funding allows the fire department to be properly equipped and trained to respond to the myriad of situations to which they are called upon to mitigate.

The WFD is located at 100 King Street, Windsor, NS.

WFD Fire Chief, Scott Burgess
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Fire Station 1, 902-798-2121 (non-emergencies only)