Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia

Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia - Leaders at Home - Ambassadors Abroad

Founded in 1972, Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia moved to Windsor, NS in 1987.  The Theatre's focus is twofold.  On the one hand Mermaid's energetic professional touring theatre for family audiences has won international claim for original productions with a strong emphasis on puppetry.  At the other end of the spectrum, Mermaid's activist Youtheatre program is intensely local, as are the Institute of Puppetry Arts and the vibrant entertainment program offered at the Mermaid Imperial Performing Arts Centre (MIPAC).

A brief history and recent accomplishments:

  • Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia has performed for more than four million young people on four continents, and reaches 200,000 spectators annually. The company's current budget exceeds one million dollars and the organization is deficit-free. Mermaid's substantial headquarters includes a rehearsal hall, administrative and production studios, a 400-seat performance facility and a 60-seat "second stage" which are made available to community and touring artists, and three commercial tenants. More than  98% of our earned revenue is generated outside the Province (largely in the US), enabling us to showcase and support Atlantic Region talent and allowing  us to make important contributions to the local economy. The company's touring circuit is unparalleled in North America.
  • The promotion of indigenous talent is of prime importance to the company.  Mermaid Theatre's touring productions at home and abroad serve as a continuous showcase for the Atlantic Region's performing artists, writers, directors, designers and technicians. The company ranks among Atlantic Canada's foremost cultural employers, and is currently Canada's major exporter of theatre for family audiences.
  • Mermaid Theatre ranks among North America's most respected theatres for the young, and plays an important ambassadorial role for Nova Scotia and for Canada. The company regularly crosses Canada and the United States and has represented Canada in Japan, Mexico, Australia, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, Holland, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea and Taiwan.  In recognition of its accomplishments, Mermaid has been awarded export Excellence Awards by both Nova Scotia (2001) and the Government of Canada (2001, 2005), and was awarded the Crystal Tourism Ambassador Award by Nova Scotia's tourism industry in 2008.

Summary of Mandate:

  • To introduce family audiences at home and abroad to the excitement of  innovative theatre and the performing arts;
  • To serve as cultural ambassadors for Nova Scotia and for Canada;
  • To provide a touring showcase of Atlantic CanadaÙs artists;
  • To encourage literacy and the love of reading;
  • To promote the art of puppetry through live performances as well as by means of instruction at all levels;
  • To encourage creative self-expression among adolescents through the non professional Youtheatre.

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