Parks, Playground, Trails & Beach Access Closed to the Public

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Signs have been posted at the following trails and parks in our region. 

- Eldridge Road Recreation Site
- Irishmans Road Recreation Site
- Causeway Trail
- Kempt Quarry Recreation Site
- Cheverie Salt Marsh & Restoration Trail
- Tregothic Trail
- Riverview Trail
- Brooklyn Fire Hall Trail
- Upper Burlington Planters Trail
- Brooklyn Connector Trail
- Meadow Pond Trail (to pond)
- Armstrong Lake Park
- Hantsport Connector Trails:
o Behind the Hantsport Fire Department
o Between Foundry Field & Fundy Centennial Park 
o John Wiley Walkway

Beaches refer to the municipal access to the locations and include the following:

- Armstrong Lake
- Pioneer Drive
- Falmouth Mini Park
- Falmouth Boat Launch
- Bramber Beach (municipal access)
- Hobarts Beach
- Fundy Centennial Park (Hantsport)

We are taking the highest duty of care to protect our residents with this decision. Steps to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our residents and those throughout our Province will continue throughout this time and we appreciate your cooperation, patience and support.