Proposed Hockey Arena / Hockey Heritage Fact Sheets

Questions are being asked via many methods (e-mail, different Facebook pages, through other media, etc). Although the Town may not be aware of every question raised through various methods, those we are aware of, we are identifying and will provide factual responses to (based off the information we have to-date).

Many different Q & As will be acknowledged in one fact sheet, so be sure to read the entire document. As new items are raised that we are made aware of, a new fact sheet will be produced (and just the date of the sheet will change for your easier reference.  Dates are identified as yyyymmdd).

Please allow up to 2 business days for us to respond to your question(s). NOTE: Only one Fact Sheet will be posted each business day (if needed), so there will not be two sheets with the same name. (Links to these fact sheets will be updated at the bottom of this article, so please check back).

Hockey Arena Hockey Heritage Fact Sheet Q & As 20180301  (This was actually written up Feb. 28, 2018; however, we changed the date so that people would not think it is the same as the one just below it but felt it pertinent to not delay posting it on our website)

Hockey Arena Hockey Heritage Fact Sheet Q As revised 20180228

Hockey Arena Hockey Heritage Fact Sheet Q & As 20180216